March 12. 2023 Japanese-style boats moving day
For the Edo Fukagawa Cherry Blossom Festival, we moved from Yokojikkengawa Shinsui Park to Toyoki Bridge next to Kiba Park on a truck. boat there
I unloaded and paddled to the pier of Kuro Funabashi.
At the morning assembly, Mr. Kei Suzuki, who passed the boatman's test last time, was presented with a certificate.
On the 8th, I was preparing by loading everything necessary for the Sakura Festival on the boat.
Today, secure a space where you can put out the boat and row with the oar
Move to the place (Odaka) to be lifted by a crane.
There is a forest of wild birds in Odaka, and if you look closely,
There is a scenery that makes you think you are in Tokyo.
There are many nests of herons, and there may be about 10 to 20 birds.
The advance party and trucks went ahead, unloaded materials and set up temporary moorings.
The five ships slowly arrived at Kurofune Pier.
After that, we practiced the ship maneuvering course and docking and docking.