April 6-7.2019@The last day of the event

Today is the last day of the event.
Good weather continues and cherry blossoms last longer.B
The last "Shinnainagashi"boat departed from "Heisei" era.
There were over 4,000 passengers aboard during this year's Cherry Blossom Festival.
Thank you for getting on board many passengers this year.

*Video of falling petals of cherry blossoms*
As we started preparing the boats, the passengers began to line up.
Japanese boat signboard
Get on board earlier than scheduled
Cherry blossoms in full bloom
Many people are watching from the top of the bridge
Japanese ship goes under the big cherry tree
Kurohune pier
It became a rising ride
One more time to cheer up
The white heart mark is the petals of a cherry blossom
Shinnai boat departs
Cherry blossoms and Japanese boats look good