March 9,2019@Mizumoto Park

We held an event of ferrying at Mizumoto Park using a Japanese boat.
We carried the Japanese boat by truck.
Mizumoto Park is a nature rich and very beautiful park.
We and our passengers enjoyed the boat.
When the last boat departed, the wind has become much stronger.
We left the necessary equipment on a boat and started.
Flying Dreen!
We arrived at Mizumoto Park.
We dropped a boat down the surface of the water.
We took off with pasengers and departed.
There was no wind in the morning and it was calm.
From the afternoon the wind has gradually become stronger.
Cooperation of local staff was wonderful.
We got the passengers enjoyed enough within the expected boarding time.
Many people were shooting us from the shore.
After the event, we lifted our boat with a crane and land-transported it by truck.